Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bump it UP

Since Naia was a first time client...I used foils and ballyage techniques so as not to completely albino her.  : )
Seeing as her roots were so dark, and she really wanted it super blonde...we could have blasted that dark brown out and she would have been happy with a root touch up of bleach to get those roots lifted.  We had to do a couple of rounds, playing it safe, and came to the conclusion that next time we will use 40 volume peroxide and GITERDONE.  She was wonderful and patient, and not knowing how her hair lifts for sure, I played it safe.  I'd rather do that however then compromise the structure of the hair, and scare someone to death by  making it too blonde.

Its still a little gold, we could probably do one more round or use toner to get that last bit of gold out. What remains that looks 'gold' is just brown, it is the last to go in an orange tone, and one more bump will usually get that out.  She looked wonderful, and again playing it safe makes it easier to go back and get MORE blonde, then trying to darken hair that is too blonde.

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