Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Still Summer...

Its still summer out there...even though school is back...even though we want to cool off for an effin second!  The weather will change soon enough!  And in Fall, it is even worse for frizzy, fly away, dry hair.  Start looking for some humidifying, moisturizing hair help.  Here are some tips:

Don't wash every single day.  This drys out your hair.  I know some of you 'have to' because of oily scalp.  See if you can wash just your scalp if that's the case and keep the poo off your ends.

Use a leave in conditioner.  They are usually in a spray form and very light weight.  Every Coloradoan should use a leave in.  It is DRY here.  Every little bit helps.

No curling iron, flat iron, hair dryer.  Sounds like the apocalypse, I know.  If you can give your hair a break from all or any one of these at any time, it makes a big difference.  Heat hurts.  Use a lot of leave it if you want to fry your hair with these items.  It will at least protect.

Treatments.  Leave in moisture treatments, even home remedies are very helpful.  Lots of products like pomade and gels have chemicals that dry your hair.  They are made to look like your hair is shiny, but they leave residue and dry out your hair tremendously.  If you can find a treatment you like, do it once a week.  Even if its just your conditioner, with a shower cap, for twenty minutes.  It helps.

Don't use cheap products.  It pays to use nicer, well made products on your hair.  We aren't just trying to sell you stuff.  And everyone is different...what works great for someone, irritates the scalp of someone else. Try stuff out and stick with what feels and looks great.  If it happens to be a cheap product...lucky you!  Use it.  Hair is a live thing that comes from what we eat and what we put into our bodies.  If you are on a lot of medications, what used to work for you probably doesn't anymore.  Find new things and try them.  Detox your hair with  Actually any of the Malibu treatments - probably the one for well water - will pull toxins out of your hair.  You will feel and see a big difference.  You can buy Malibu products at Fantastic Sams (hate to say it) but I am going to look into carrying it because it is the only product I've seen actually change the structure of the hair for the better.

Here is some really cool tips from this site: - haven't tried any of these things...but I will.  If you do comment and let me know how it goes!!!

Hope this helps!!

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