Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Easy Peasy

Friday, the beautiful Naia, is coming in to the Art Salon and we are bleaching her roots.  In the hair world we are not supposed to say the word: BLEACH - but I am in MY world now and I can do what I want.  We ALL KNOW THAT IS WHAT WE ARE DOING.  She is probably a level 5 or 6  brown which means pretty dark to medium brown.  Her pixie cut is adorable (she has my dream cut and color) and she just needs to lighten up those roots.  She works at the lovely Hazel and Dewey on Broadway and I was out handing out my postcards one afternoon and met her there.  LOVE THAT SHOP!!

I'm posting this because I am going to tell you and show you how easy this is to do.  I am only charging her $20 as her hair is so short and it only takes a few minutes to apply.  No fuss.  So tune in Saturday (after I download the pics) (or I might try and be cool and download them to this blog as I go...)

This pic is of Carey Mulligan - but this is the desired look:

(Naia is cuter if you can believe it.)

We might decide on foils, I might balayage the bleach in -which I LOVE doing.  Sometimes in a root touch up that involves bleach...the roots get way too light/orange/yellow when you don't foil...so this is the aspect that one must pay close attention too.  I personally like seeing some dark brown on these short cuts and this light of blonde.  Its that 'dirty' sexy look I like.  I also like it to look not so ONE colored and non textured.  A combo of balayage and foils is probably what I will do.

So all of you bleached blondes out there who get your roots done tune in!!!

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