Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Smoothing System I'm Sold On

Global Keratin Hair Taming System with Juvexin, is probably the best smoothing system I've seen, used and worked with.  It is NOT 'Brazilian Blowout'.  It lasts 5 months.  I have worked in places where I had to wear a gas mask to apply the straightening product, and in this case I do NOT.  Of course it helps it last longer if you can go 48 hours without shampooing after the treatment, but it is not so detrimental like other products are.  You can pony tail it, get it wet, use clips...of course, always better if you don't - but it doesn't ruin it and it is not so touchy.

There are many products that start with the words 'GLOBAL KERATIN'...choose the salon that uses Global Keratin with JUVEXIN, with the gold logo.  It does have formaldehyde, that is the only thing that straightens hair enough so that it actually lasts.  This system is a product that also balances hair, smooths it and isn't harsh.

http://mystylebell.com/2010/05/06/global-keratin-juvexin-uncovered/ - most informative article I've read so far in explaining why and how this product in particular works.

What it does is RESTORE the hair.  Its not a heavy duty STRAIGHTENING, chemical bound system.  It will smooth your hair, it will nourish the hair, it will restore your hair to its natural ph.  What that means is:  When hair is too alkaline, it looks/feels damaged and dull.  When it is balanced, it is smooth and healthy.  That is what Global Keratin does to your hair.  That smoothing balance.   The hair WILL be straight, it is great to have this done right before you may be travelling somewhere very humid, its great if you want your curls back when its over, your hair is not damaged.  You can get it colored the same day, as long as you do color first.

The more you do this process with Global Keratin, the longer it lasts. The shampoo that comes with the process when you come in for the smoothing, really cleans out all product build up in the hair and also helps that ph balance you need for healthy hair.  You are shampooed a couple of times through, the straightening/smoothing product is combed into the hair, depending on the curl/frizz of the hair; you sit for 20 minutes, (longer if needed) the hair is blow dried and then smoothed with a flat iron.

Its like it improves with each use.  The only other thing we recommend to keep this balance is the sulfate free shampoo that comes with the system.  Using the shampoo and conditioner with the system only keeps it lasting.  It's worth it.

http://www.lasplash.com/publish/Los_Angeles_Reviews_142/Global_Keratin_Hair_Taming_System_with_JuvexinReview_-.php - another review by a skeptical client...

At Foundation Hair Studio you can get a smoothing system done starting at $99.00 - call and book with me.  You will be sold too!

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