Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hot Cuts for Summer

I love this cut.  I also love the beard style and how the beard is trimmed.  You still get to have a pretty thick beard, longer on chin, nice and close on the sides.

Another fave...David Lynch:  I will do this cut for free if you leave it this long on top.  

I LOVE THIS.  Mention this blog and I'll do it.

More variations on this theme:


What I love about these cuts is the update of the Don Draper with the kind of punk style of the super short sides.  This way you still have something to play with on top for a messy look, a spiked look, an updated faux hawk or wear it slicked back.  

As far as this goes, I LOVE the cut on women too!


Again, there are variations to how short and how long you have the sides and the top.
Product is key to these styles.  Some of my faves for the messy, longer on top look are these:

    Eufora Piece Works Defining Paste - 3.5 fl oz  

Basically anything that is NOT gel.  Gel flakes and falls apart.  You need something moisturizing,  a little sticky, kind of thick, and that you can touch throughout the day and the style does not fall apart, look stiff and you can restyle or re-mess however you like.

Have fun and call me up and we'll play!!

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