Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Winter = HAIR. More HAIR!

Winter is coming...that means beards and shaggy hair for the dudes. I love it!!

Grow your hair out!  Enjoy it!!  Its our right as humans!  And how hot does this guy look?  He doesn't just roll out of bed (well, THIS guy probably did...) and look like this.  It only takes a few more minutes to be able to have long hair, and NOT look scummy.

Its called PRODUCT.  A few seconds in the morning with some AMERICAN CREW Forming Cream...a dab on your finger, smear it over the tips of your fingers, run through hair slightly, pick out pieces in general you want to change the position of or calm down, keep running hands through hair with this product on them, and voila...messy, sheik, hotness.

I like the Forming Cream as it is not as greasy as a pomade, nor sticky like a gel, there is no wet look, or grease issue.  It just kind of lets your hair go one more day, or LOOK like second day hair which is a little more natural and calm looking.


That link above has regular dudes and dudes with ALL KINDS OF HAIR, curly, straight, wavy, super long, thick, hipster...its all there.  If you want to grow out your hair, take a gander and see if you like any.

If you have really thick hair, you can use a thicker product.  Play with different products.  Any kind of 'matte' product or 'workable wax' works great...American Crew gel is great if you must use gel.  Any kind of dry shampoo lets you have that dirty look too without being dirty.

Also coming in November...its NATIONAL BEARD MONTH!!!  I am planning a Whiskers and Whiskey night at the Art Salon weekly so stay tuned.  Here is some reading on the topic...


Enjoy and see you soon!!

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