Friday, June 8, 2012

BAM with COLOR! - check this out for whats new!!

What I'm seeing (and feeling. )  is NO MORE STRIPEY STRIPES.  Quit doing that!!  I know blonde is fun, but subtle is better.  And whats even better than blonde is PINK/BLUE/VIOLET - any bright color you want.  Just on the ends, or as an 'extension' piece that peeks out underneath.  FUN stuff.  Don't be afraid to have fun with color.  If you are willing to do the bleach/stripey thing - go BLUE!  Its more dramatic.  First of all you aren't doing your whole head, just the ends, or a strand...go for it.

BANGS.  Do it.  RED.  Do it.  Just quit doing the whole stripey highlight thing.  If you want highlights, I recommend a more subtle, blended highlight, where you don't see definition, just 'light'.  Like this:

Blended.  NOT STRIPEY.
Blend DED.

so.  Its funny because its either subtle with the highlights - or BAM with the BRIGHT color on the ends.  Its fun, you can use temporary color which lasts about a week maybe, depending on the lightness or darkness of your hair.  But have fun and GO FOR IT!!!!

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