Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Big Curlers

These are the curlers that add that big body, and big HAIR glam look.  If you have very fine hair, use the smoother curlers and not the velcro curlers.  The velcro curlers are not as gentle and get caught and tangled sometimes.  When your hair is damp, use a volumizing product, mousse or gel, whatever you prefer.  Use a hot set spray after your hair is in curlers.  Sit under the dryer, or air dry as you clean your house or lounge around eating chocolates and VOILA.  Loosely comb out the curls with your fingers or the rat tail end of a rat tail comb...DON'T OVER COMB OR OVER TOUCH.  Hair spray, shine spray...and you are GLAM.

This is a smoother look, for body and less curl, but the big curlers were used for this, wrapped as shone above.  Have fun ladies!!

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