Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Hair Care Tips

Winter Hair Care Tips:

After researching online (google) and after having hair for over 45 years, and being a hairstylist, I have compiled some tried and true, no gimmick tips for winter hair care. Hair is dry and frizzy in the winter and everyone hates their hair. The weather has changed and you too must change your routine/product use to keep it tame and loveable.

1. Be nice to your hair. If you don't use conditioner everyday, start using it everyday. I don't wash my hair everyday - as no CURLY GIRL SHOULD. Sometimes tho, after working out, I will just use conditioner as my 'shampoo' just to give it some extra moisture. But put moisture in it. Love it.

2. Rinse with cold water, I know its hard but it keeps hair undamaged and shiny. If you have a shower massage thingy, or a shower head that comes off - use that or you will be doing your own polar plunge in the shower with your whole body immersed in COLDNESS. It does smooth down the cuticle and hair looks shiny.

3. Try not to use a lot of HOT stuff - dryers, irons etc. If you can let hair dry on its own as long as possible do that. With my curly hair I barely touch it with the towel after I wash it (curly girls should use cotton t-shirts or paper towels) put on my AnGel, with soaking wet hair spray in some thickening spray (non descript, sometimes I use Aveda, sometimes Pantene - sprayed on my crown only) Then I DON'T TOUCH IT ANYMORE. I let it air dry as I get ready and it dries in the drive to work. I'll clip it up at my crown for some body. (remember to take those clips out when you get to work, or you look like an idiot) For you super straight girls - let your hair air dry as long as possible - blow dry DAMP hair, not soaking wet hair - then use yer straightener IF YOU MUST. Sometimes with the round brush, you can get it straight enough to barely need your flat iron.

I saw some tips for dry shampoo - but I have never tried that...if you have tried this let me know!

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