Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Side Swept Bang Theory

There are many different kinds of 'side swept' bangs. The longer version, shorter, choppy, just pushed to the side. Sometimes with people's hairlines and natural lay of their hair, the hair will just do this. Most of the time it is how you blowdry and what styling products you use and how it is cut. I tell clients side swept is FAKE. We are MAKING our hair do this. Cameron up there, (the pic was removed...)does not wake up and have her hair look like that. (Cameron Diaz probably DOES wake up like that actually.)

Some of the tricks of the trade are:

The cut. Side swept bangs, depending on the style you are wanting, are not 'side swept' but actually trimmed a little shorter on one side. They are cut shorter so they 'sweep' over, ABOVE the eye. Not too much shorter, but shorter and very blended as they get longer.

The style. When you are changing your look, or trying side swept, you need to part your hair pretty far over. That is part of the look. If you look at photos, the part is about the middle of the eye or past the outside of the eye. Play with that parting. (Parting is such sweet sorrow.) It may seem weird at first, but that's part of the look. Its very retro and 70's looking. Sometimes a cowlick prevents this, so part on the side you have to fight least with. If you are 'forcing' this look, it takes some blow dryer manipulation, styling product and re-training of your hair.

Blow dryer - The girl in the video I posted shows one way. Guiding the hair on a brush in the direction you want. The other way is to completely confuse the hair. Take a brush, blow dry, over exaggerated, to one side. Blow dry so the hair is going down over your face, brushing and blow drying. Then blow straight down into your face, brushing, then to the other side. Over and over, side, down, other side, then end with going the direction you want it swept. Sometimes clipping over to the side with a bobby pin or clip and letting it air dry helps. But you don't want crimps or marks, but you could flat iron those out. Just keep in mind whether blow dryer or flat iron...keep SWEEPING OVER, SWEEPING OVER.

Product - Use whatever product works best on your hair. Applying mousse when hair is wet before blow drying helps hold, using wax after when dry, on fingertips and 'sweeping' it over, or loads of hair spray to just plain hold it there.

No one looks like this naturally. (MAYBE as select few, with low hairlines.) so play with it!!!

good, simple, at home vid. She blow drys and she cuts it herself. SHE CUTS THEM DRY. Notice though it is not one big CHOP...she uses a razor, she 'carves' away at the bangs little by little. Be careful!! Have fun!!!

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